Bathroom Renovations

At Chilman Projects we understand that the bathroom is a very important part of your home. In how it functions, how it looks and how it ties in to the rest of your home. There are many great benefits to renovating your old bathroom.

  • It is an opportunity to showcase your individual style and tastes.
  • To provide a safer and more hygienic space for your family.
  • To create more space and functionality.
  • You may need a second sink or to provide more privacy when two people are in the bathroom.
  • You may be getting your house ready to sell.

With one or many of these things a consideration the bathroom is also one of the most high traffic areas of your house. This is why it needs to be done by professionals who understand the dynamics of this complex area of your home. At Chilman Projects we keep up to date with all the most recent developments in bathroom construction methods. This means your bathroom renovation not only is a safe, stylish space for your family but ensures that it withstands the rigours of it’s use. We strive to ensure your bathroom will come up looking like new for years to come.

Many clients have problems with poorly constructed bathroom renovations that result in tiles coming loose, mildew problems and odours, rising damp etc. Chilman Projects will be able to provide an expert opinion on the root of possible problems and the most cost effective way to fix and repair them.

The extent to which you go with your bathroom renovation comes down to your budget, style, intended use and what potential problems you are having with your current bathroom. If you have a few ideas and would like to bounce them off a professional ear, feel free to contact Chilman Projects either by the phone number provided or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you to discuss your needs.